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A Strategic Buying Alliance of Independent Veterinary Practices

Purchasing Services, Inc.

The PSI Group Purchasing Organization negotiates favorable terms with vendors and passes on that savings to you. Realize a significant savings that can equal more than $15,000 annually while maintaining current business methods and ordering procedures.

Veterinary Marketing and Staff Development Program | VMSDP

VMSDP consists of both client education tools and staff training tools. Through the Pet Quarterly and The Team, practices are able to increase compliance through education, target marketing, and pet health reminders.

Strategic Growth Alliance | SGA

SGA is a group of progressive veterinarians on the leading edge of practice management. Help streamline your veterinary practice and meet your revenue goals by working together with your peers under the guidance of expert financial professionals.

PSI Vendors

PSI partners with vendors that serve virtually any expense category a veterinary practice may have.  Learn how PSI can grow your business and benefit your practice.

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